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Favourite food truck item: mmm I would have to say the kimchi fries or salad rolls!

Why do you like working at the food truck? I love working on the food truck because each day we get to be around awesome people, and knowing that one meal can put a smile on someones face! I also love doing business in the local community and getting to work with so many great people and causes.

What is your favourite thing about Fernie? The mountains and the community 100%!

One fact others might not know about you? When I started my business schooling I never thought we would be opening a food truck I was thinking maybe landscape company. Although Im very happy we opened the truck and a month after I graduated we were in business!


Favourite food truck item: It’s hard to pick a favourite I love everything, but I would have to say the beef pho, and the t- wrap.

Why do you like working at the food truck? I love working at the food truck, because I have an amazing team, and I get to create new menu items for all of my customers. Cooking is my passion and I get to show case this through my work.

What is your favourite thing about Fernie? The incredible views, no matter where you sit outside we can always take in the panoramic mountain views.

One fact others might not know about you? Before working at the truck I couldn’t cook to save my life. I’m also a mom to a really cool little girl Belle (see below).



Favourite food truck item: my favourite is the vermicelli bowl with spring rolls.

Why do you like working at the food truck? I like working on the truck because we meet so many happy people who truly love the food.

What is your favourite thing about Fernie? My favourite activities to do in Fernie are walking, snow shoeing, skiing, and visiting with my amazing group of friends.

One fact others might not know about you? Something people may not know about me is that I worked in soil science for years, and love gardening and growing plants.



Favourite food truck item: the vermicelli bowl has always been my go to, but I also love the T-wrap.

Why do you like working at the food truck? I like working at the truck because I get to work in a great team environment. I also love being able to connect with the community and prepare delicious Vietnamese dishes

What is your favourite thing about Fernie? I love all the different outdoor activities that I have to choose from in Fernie

One fact others might not know about you? People may not know this but I enjoy baking sweet treats, and this is my 3rd season on the  truck.




Chef Master Taylor created the first place winner for the First Fernie BBQ Challenge!


In the Fall of 2019 we were able to work with the youth and Queens, to do a cooking classes. This was a great event that Elk Valley Pride put on!


Top 10 Kootenay Business People of 2019

Article below:


Entrepreneur of the Year 2018


Best Of Fernie 2016, 2017, 2018 Silver – The Best Food Truck

2019 – Best Food Truck Gold

We were lucky enough to be the recipient for “New Business of the Year”; we are incredible excited to be part of such an supportive community. We would not be the same without the help and support we recieve from everyone, we are truly very thankful


The Chopstick Truck has had a very eventful summer with attending many events such as: The Calgary Folk Festival, Canmore Folk Festival, Rockin’ River Fest, Wapiti, Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam, Lethbridge Word on the Street and the first ever Food Truck Frenzy, and many other incredible events.

All of these events brought great days and new memories, we love being a part of all these events. One of our personal favourites was Hyundai for hunger:

This was an incredible event that the Cranbrook Hyundai dealership put on, they reached almost $4000 in donation. These donation went to the salvation army food bank, and to help provide other with full belly’s and happy hearts.

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