What We Make



**This Truck contains peanuts! Please notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions before ordering, thank you**

*All Prices include Gst*

*All items are prepared fresh, we appreciate your patience*


Spring Rolls – $7.00

A Classic, 2 Deep fried rolls, two types available; pork and vegetable blend or vegetable only, served with our house sauce


Salad Rolls – $9.00 (GF/V/VE)

2 fresh rice paper rolls filled with prawns, lettuce, bean sprouts, and served with our peanut sauce. Tofu salad rolls available for vegetarian option.


Tacos – $16.00 (V)

3 mini bao buns, filled with lemon grass beef, lettuce, and cucumbers topped with green onions and a spicy mayo drizzle. Beef can be substituted for soy ginger tofu to make tacos vegetarian


French Fries $5.00


Kimchi Fries $14.00 (V)

French fries topped with shredded cheese, sautéed kimchi, green onions and our house made garlic aioli.


Pachos $15.00

House made chips with pulled pork, pickled cabbage, guac, garlic aioli, and green onions



Vermicelli bowl (GF/V/VE)

A noodle bowl filled fresh lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and your topping choices (see below) finished with peanuts and green onions. Add a spring roll for $2.00 *served with house sauce to pour on top *


Lemon Grass AAA Beef $18.00  (GF)

Honey Grilled Pork $16.00  (GF)

Soy Ginger Tofu $14.00 (V/VE)

Extra Veggie $14.00 (GF/V/VE)


Kids Bowl $12.00

A smaller portion of our vermicelli bowl topped with our kid approved honey grilled pork or soy ginger tofu

with beef $14



A French baguette with a cucumbers, carrot – daikon slaw, spicy mayo, and choose your favourite protein option below

Lemon Grass AAA Beef $14.00 

Honey Grilled Pork $12.00

Soy Ginger Tofu $12.00 (V/VE)


T – wrap $17.00 (V)

The ultimate fan favourite, this fusion wrap highlights our many ingredients in one meal featuring our lemon grass beef, carrot daikon slaw and a pork spring roll.

**or try it in a bowl $18


Phó $14.00 (only available in the spring and fall)


Traditional Northern Vietnamese soup with beef. A warm aromatic beef broth served with sliced AAA Beef, and rice noodles. Garnished with green onions, bean sprouts, and shaved onion. *basil and cilantro located on the shelf*




Limeade Soda $4.00

A refreshing beverage of fresh lime juice, club soda, and simple syrup. The perfect drink on a hot day.


Bubble Tea $6.00

Black tea shaken with ice, simple syrup and your preferred flavouring, and tapioca pearls *Mango, Strawberry, Taro, Peach, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple, and Honeydew*


Vietnamese Iced Coffee $5.00

Coffee shaken with ice and condensed milk


Matcha Lemonade $5.00

Matcha shaken with ice and lemonade


Black Tea Lemonade $3.00

Black tea and Lemonade shaken with ice


True Buch Kombucha $5.00

Blueberry Rooibos – Vanilla Chai – Ginger – Very Berry


Grizzly Paw Craft Soda $3

Cream Soda, Root Beer, Black Cherry, and Orange Cream Soda


Bottled Water $1.00


****GF- Gluten Free V-Vegetarian VE-Vegan****